Financial Control Notification

As an outcome of a review of the Society’s Financial Controls, please note:

Before committing the Society to purchasing goods and services, it is necessary to get approval from the Council and authorisation from the Treasurer. Suppliers should be requested to forward invoices to the Treasurer for payment. No refunds for other purchases will be paid without the necessary approval, authorisation and receipts.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions about this outline policy.


Great news for Native animals and equines in the new Agricultural Bill

Great news for Native animals and equines in the new Agricultural Bill

A message from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust:

We are delighted by the Government’s commitment to support our native livestock and equines in the Agricultural Bill that was published last week.

Our native breeds have a low environmental footprint, high welfare standards and provide premium produce, as well as being a major part of our national heritage.  We look forward to working with ministers and officials on the next steps.

Please visit our website to see what RBST CEO Christopher Price says:

Change of DPS Treasurer

Change of DPS Treasurer

As from the 1st January 2020 the DPS Treasurer is Mr Ian Graham.  To contact the Treasurer by email, please use:

Please note that the email address will not be monitored frequently and will be closing down in the next few weeks.