Stallion Licensing 2024

Stallion Licence application forms for 2024 are now available and can be found on our Colts and Stallions page.

Please be in touch with the Secretary if you’re looking to license a colt so forms and a DNA sample bag can be sent out to you. You must ensure that the colt has a clear FIS test ahead of applying. 

Colts can be licensed from two years old. Any stallion three years and over used for showing must be licensed. 

2024 SPARKS Mare Sheets

SPARKS mare sheets for the 2024 breeding season are available now!

Please contact to request sheets for your mares or for more information (provide a list of registered names). 

Sheets are available for any mare 20 years or younger. Mares must be under your ownership or keepership with the Society. 

For those wanting more information on the SPARKS breeding tool, an article will be published in the upcoming Yearbook. Please ensure your membership is up to date so there is no delay in receiving your Yearbook once they’ve been printed. 

Many thanks to Andy Dell at Nottingham Trent University for once again providing the Society and its members with vital information to aid the conservation and survival of our much loved breed!

Membership Fee update

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has updated their Standing Orders for your annual membership fee to the new updated amount.
There have been a small amount of members that have missed the update and our Treasurer Lindsay Knight has been getting in touch with you via email if you have an address recorded with the society.
Some of these are ending up in spam/junk filters so please do have a check in your folders in case she’s been in touch. If you aren’t sure if you’ve paid the correct amount for 2024 please get in touch with Lindsay on