NPS Judges Assessment

The National Pony Society (NPS)  bi-annual Assessment Day will be held on Sunday 22nd September 2019 at the Stanley Grange Stud, North Yorkshire, TS9 6QD by kind permission of Mr Jerome Harforth. The Assessment Day is open to the first thirty applications on a first come, first serve basis; if applications warrant, there will be a waiting list. 

You can apply for:

  • Riding Pony & Hunter Pony Panel


  • Mountain & Moorland Panel

For an Application Form and Guidance Notes please refer to the NPS website


Applications for this will close on Friday 16th August 2019.

Sherborne Castle Country Fair

The organisers of Sherborne Country Fair & Rare Breeds show have asked us to post the following as it may be of interest to members; 

Sherborne Castle Country Fair and Rare Breeds Show

Location:  Sherborne Castle, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 5NR

Date:  Bank holiday Monday 27 May 2019


Sheep: Primitive, Shetlands, Heath/Hillbred, Portland, Shortwool, Longwool, Wool on the Hoof, Fleeces, Young handler, Friendliest Lamb

Pigs:  Berkshire/Large Black,  British Lop/Large White/Middle White/British Landrace/Welsh, Saddleback,  Tamworth, Gloucester Old Spot/Oxford Sandy and Black, Young Handler, Kune Kune

Cattle: Rare and Traditional, Dexters, young handlers

Horses:  Heavy horses, light horses, ponies, young handlers


Schedules/entry forms from: Ruth Summerley, 4 Watercombe Lane, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 2ED Tel 01935 428405

by email from or downloaded from the website

Prevalence of Metabolic & Exercise related disorders in large breed natives – research.

Emma Sutton is a 3rd year student at Reaseheath College and is conducting an honours research project on the prevalence of metabolic and exercise related disorders in large breed native ponies competing across different disciplines.

The aims of her research are:

  • To establish the prevalence of metabolic disorders in British large breed native ponies.
  • To establish the prevalence of disorders linked to exercise intensity in British large breed native ponies.
  • To establish whether specific disciplines predispose British large breed native ponies to certain disorders

Could all Dales pony (and other large breed owners) take the time to fill in her questionaire here to help with her research project