National Survey of UK Equine Wildness

National Survey of UK Equine Wildness

David Murray is conducting a national survey of UK Equine Wildness. All UK Native Pony Societies and Associations have been contacted.

If you would like more details then please read the attached letter and to take part, the survey questionnaire is attached here in Word or .pdf format.

RBST – The Greatest Online Agricultural Show

RBST is running the rare breed classes at ‘The Greatest Online Agricultural Show’.

The show will be taking place on Saturday 2nd May via the dedicated website The Online Agricultural Show 

Show organiser David Hill said: “The objective is to have a bit of fun while the country remains on lockdown, we can showcase our industry and raise some money for worthy causes; It is purely for fun and nothing else!”

There will be:

  • Trade Stands
  • Online livestock, crop, cake, craft and other classes
  • A dog show
  • Machinery parade
  • A beer tent – place to chat
  • Demonstrations and Entertainment via video

RBST is holding classes for rare breed sheep, cattle, goats and pigs (in conjunction with the British Pig Association). 

Rare breed equine classes are incorporated into the equine section, please see the shows website for more information.

To enter the show you have to pre-register, you can do this by visiting the shows website using the link above and clicking on the ‘Pre-Registration’ link.

Entries are open now, participants are asked to upload 3 photos, a front view, side view and back view, a 30 second video of the animal walking is desirable but not essential apart from the young hander sheep classes, to the dedicated section on the Cloud Lines website by 10pm on Wednesday 29th April, the first round of judging will then take place on the Thursday and Friday with the top 5 going through to the final on Saturday 2nd April. 

If you would like to find out more about the show you can visit their website above or their social media platforms

Facebook: @OnlineAgShow  

UK Native Pony Wildness Survey 2019

If you are interested in taking part in a survey about the wildness of UK Native Ponies, please read the attached document here and contact David Murray for any further details.

The Survey is taking place from March through August 2019. The Questionnaire is attached here and also on the internet at The website email address to return questionnaires is also on the website. This is:

Forgotten Horses Photographic Project

We have recently been contacted by Cécile Zahorka, a freelance photographer from Germany. There follows an extract from her email:

“In the past year I have been working on a project called “Forgotten Horses”, where I photograph and document rare and endangered horse breeds. We have a similar society to the RBST in Germany regarding animal breeds with endangered populations and I have been working together with breeders and owners. I have planned to make a journey to UK for this project, with the mission to find and document native British breeds, such as the Dales Pony.

I’m looking for passionates, breeders, owners this breed, which I could contact and visit during my journey.

It is my aim to portrait the breed in its traditional context and in typical landscapes, in front of barns or whatever the surroundings offer and fit to the horse, to make high quality pictures for all media and raise awareness to the matter.

I would be very happy if you would be interested in having a session with me.

I have set up a small site with all details to my journey and project:

I would love to give the Dales Pony a platform and raise awareness to its vulnerable status.

and you can see my work on or on

Help and Support is very appreciated.

With kind regards from Germany

Cécile Zahorka

(WhatsApp on +49 163 2881115)”

If you are interested, details of how to book a session are on the website above, which covers her journey.

Rare Breed Horse Genealogy Research

The Rare Breeds Survival Trust has been contacted by Lucy Allen, a Research student at the Royal Agricultural University, who is looking for hair samples and pedigree information from males of native UK Equines breeds as part of a wider study on the spread of horses in Europe – please see flyer attached here.

If you wish to help, please  contact Lucy direct on 07901774538 or