Administration Changes

Important – Please Read Carefully

Changes to Dales Pony Society Administration from 1st July 2023

As the last step in our transitional change to Society Officials following the retirement of long-standing Secretary Jo Ashby and Treasurer Ian Graham, the Society are bringing the secretarial work currently handled by Pedigree Livestock Services back in-house. From 1st July, our Honorary Secretary, April Lawn (née Hughes), will be taking over all aspects of secretarial work currently covered by PLS, including pony registrations, transfers, changes to passports and Society memberships. 

We would like to thank Andy Ryder and his team at Pedigree Livestock Services Ltd. for their work over the last two years, in particular Lucie Graham whom many of you will have liaised with. The Society office at Holme House, Carlisle, will close on 30th June.

Mrs April Lawn

Dales Pony Society
Hollybush Farm
North Yorkshire
YO22 5HY

07877 316864

Please contact April for any of the following requirements:

  • To request or return a Foal Registration Form and Hair Sample Bags
  • To transfer a pony to your ownership, or return a transfer slip if you have sold a pony
  • To report a Lost or Stolen Passport and request a Duplicate
  • To record the start or ending of a loan arrangement
  • To have a passport issued by another Society overstamped
  • To return a passport for updating to gelding status following the castration of a colt
  • To return a passport for cancelling following the death of a pony
  • To request a new stallion service book
  • To request an FIS or DNA test
  • To join the Society as a new member or pay your annual subscription to the Society
  • To notify the Society of any name, address or contact detail changes
  • For Passport enquiries from DEFRA or any other Enforcement Agency
  • For advice on the Dales Pony or attending breed shows
  • For advice on buying or selling a pony
  • To place an advert on the Sales or Wanted Lists
  • To apply to join the Probationer Judges Scheme
  • To notify of the Society of any changes to the Judges Lists
  • To apply to licence a stallion
  • To raise an issue or suggestion you would like discussed by Council
  • If you are an external organisation

Fees for those services which are chargeable can be found on the Fees and Tariffs page. Please pay by bank transfer wherever possible, the Society bank details remain the same and can be found on the bottom of each page of the website. 

Other Honorary Secretary duties:

  • Oversight of UK and International foal registration processes to ensure breed standard is maintained, and MOPS are adhered to
  • Refer registration anomalies to Council for arbitration
  • Administration of the Stallion Premium Scheme
  • Proof and approve the printing of the Stud Book
  • Liaise with Treasurer to produce and submit HBLB grant applications
  • Liaise with external bodies as needed
  • Answer general enquiries received on the DPS Phone
  • Production of Council meeting minutes and the follow up actions
  • Maintenance of Policies and Procedures
  • Distribution of the Yearbook and associated documents as required
  • Production and distribution of AGM, EGM and election documents
  • Administration of the Complaints and Appeals processes
  • Liaise with external bodies as needed

Lindsay Knight – Treasurer and Company Secretary

  • Management of Supplier and Sub-contractor contracts
  • Auditing of Sub-contractors
  • Update and maintenance of GDPR requirements
  • Update and maintenance of the Members Handbook
  • Liaise with Secretary to produce and submit HBLB grant applications
  • Liaise with external bodies as needed
  • Maintenance of the Sales List
  • Management of the Website and Facebook page