Colts are not all eligible to be Stallions. 

Colts eligible for stallion status must be by a registered, licensed Dales Pony stallion and be out of a Section A Dales mare (in exceptional circumstances, see also Licencing of Stallions out of Section B Mares).

Colts must be registered in Section A, must themselves display correct markings and must also be tested clear of the FIS Gene (Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome).

If you are considering buying a colt to run on as a stallion please make sure it complies to the above requirements. For information on testing for FIS contact the Secretary

Breeders are encouraged to test their colt foals for FIS prior to sale or as early as possible to prevent disappointment at licensing age.

Stallion Licences

All Section A Dales Pony stallions used for breeding and showing must be licensed from three years of age; applications are accepted from two years of age. 

All potential stallions must be FIS clear and the FIS Certificate must have been received in the Secretary's office prior to applying for a licence.

Applications for a stallion licence should be made by the owner completing the Stallion Licence Application Form and sending it to the Secretary. 

All applications are considered in Council for suitable breeding and markings. Colts are not routinely inspected but the Council has the right to inspect any pony where there is documentary evidence that the pony does not conform to the breed standard or where the Council deems inspection necessary for the purposes of assessment for a stallion licence.  The pony shall be brought to a place that the Council may decide for the purpose of inspection, and the costs of such an inspection will be the responsibility of  the owner of the pony.

Following approval by Council, the stallion owner is required to have the Stallion Vetting Form completed by a Veterinary Surgeon. The veterinary fee is the responsibility of the stallion owner.

All colts will be identified by microchip and DNA profiled.

Owners are advised that a Veterinary Surgeon will not attempt to examine an unmanageable stallion.  Unbroken colts should be halter trained and be used to lunging.

Stallions that fail the licensing procedures and those that have not been presented for licensing will not appear in the Stud Book as Section A stallions and any progeny will be registered in Section X of the Stud Book from which there is no upgrading.  

If a licence is refused or revoked, the stallion owner is entitled to appeal.  Any appeal shall be made to the Council, accompanied by the appeal fee, which will be returned if the appeal is successful.  On appeal, an independent veterinary Surgeon, with or without one or two officials of the Society, will be appointed to re-examine the stallion and/or his progeny if relevant, and a report will be made to the Council.  The decision of the Council following consideration of the appeal shall be final.

The Secretary will advise the applicant of the decision of the Council and request that the Licencing Fee where the licence has been approved. The current licensing fees are available on the Fees and Tariffs page.

The Council may require any Stallion holding a licence to be re-examined or re-appraised at any time, for the purpose of ascertaining that there are no grounds for the revocation of the licence.

Service Book

Following licensing, all stallions are issued with a service book. Every service for the year must be recorded in the book, and the top copy of each service slip be given to the owner of the mare, as a requirement for registration of  the resultant foal. Please record every mare that is serviced even if you believe it is not in foal as foals without recorded coverings are required to be parentage tested before registration at the Breeders' expense. 

The Service book must be returned to the Secretary by the 30th November each year. Failure to do so may lead to progeny being parentage tested at the Breeder's expense.