Application for Passports

See Registration of Foal page here

Late Passports

Passports may still be acquired for older ponies, providing they are eligible for registration in the Dales Pony Society stud book and there is no existing passport for the animal. Applications should be made to the Secretary.

Before the passport is issued to the owner, the issuing PIO will sign Part II of Section IX to permanently exclude the horse from the human food chain.

Duplicate Passports

If the passport is lost, a duplicate may be requested from the secretary using the Duplicate Passport Application Form – HERE.

On receipt of appropriate fees and checks, a duplicate passport may be issued, in which Part II of Section IX will have been signed by the PIO, to permanently exclude the animal from the human food chain. The duplicate passport will be stamped as a duplicate, and should the original passport ever be found, it must be returned to the issuing PIO immediately.

Transfers of Ownership

New owners should transfer their pony within 30 days of purchase.

For transfering details & forms see Here

Return of the Passport

In the event of the death of any horse, the passport must be returned to the issuing PIO for cancellation within 30 days of the death. Owners may request the return of a passport following cancellation provided a SAE is enclosed. 

Passport should also be returned to the secretary for updating on castration of a colt.