2020 Breeding Season – Travelling Mares to Stud

2020 Breeding Season – Travelling Mares to Stud

Following advice from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust concerning the effect COVID 19 movement restrictions have on the 2020 breeding season for rare breed equines, the Society has produced a protocol and template forms for our breeders to use if they need to travel a mare to a stallion for covering during the current restrictions. Use of this protocol and forms, while not mandatory, is strongly advised in order to comply with current government restrictions on curbing the spread of coronavirus and as evidence of a legitimate controlled journey by the transporter of the mare(s) if challenged by the authorities.

Please find the protocol and forms on the Policies page

Coronavirus Event Cancellations

Coronavirus Event Cancellations

Due to the worsening situation with Coronavirus, the Society has taken the decision to cancel all Society events and meetings until the end of May. This decision has not been taken lightly but we must follow the advice of health experts and not put lives at risk. The events cancelled are:

  • The North Roadshow on April 5th – to be rescheduled for the Autumn
  • The Judges Assessment Day on April 13th – to be rescheduled for the Autumn
  • The Spring Show on May 2nd – the Olympia semi final class will be moved to the Summer Show
  • The South Roadshow on May 10th – to be rescheduled for the Autumn

This is a worrying time and we must all do what we can to help limit the spread of this virus, and keep our families, friends and members as safe as possible. The situation is being constantly monitored and the Society website will be updated when there is further news.

Anne Alderson

Chair of Council

Financial Control Notification

As an outcome of a review of the Society’s Financial Controls, please note:

Before committing the Society to purchasing goods and services, it is necessary to get approval from the Council and authorisation from the Treasurer. Suppliers should be requested to forward invoices to the Treasurer for payment. No refunds for other purchases will be paid without the necessary approval, authorisation and receipts.

Please contact the Treasurer if you have any questions about this outline policy.