Changes to Shows and Events page

Changes to Shows and Events page

Provisional 2020 dates for DPS organised, Affiliated and Unaffiliated shows have been added to the lists of shows.  Also, shows that contribute to the Stallion Premium Scheme have been identified.

Foal Show 2019 Update

Please note that the 2019 Foal Show, normally on the same day as the AGM, will not be taking place this year due to the advice given in the September Animal Health Trust Flu bulletin.

New Policies

Two new policies have been approved by the DPS Council.  The first is the Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy which comes into effect immediately and the second is the Equine Influenza Policy which comes into effect from 1 January 2020.
More details can be found on the Policies page.



The Dales Pony Society Breed Show scheduled to take place on August 3rd at Streatlam Farm, Barnard Castle has been cancelled due to the increasing number of equine flu cases in northern areas and subsequent strong feeling among members and others that unvaccinated ponies should not attend. It is now too late to introduce an effective mandatory vaccination policy and the Society has been left with no option but to regretfully cancel the event.

 All competitors entered for the show will receive a full refund of entry fees in due course.

The Horse of the Year Show Breed Qualifying class has been moved to the Performance Show on Sunday 25th August at West Park Arena, Tow Law, Co Durham, DL13 4NR and will take place at 1.30pm. The judges remain as Mr Brian Williams for ride and Mr Ernest Coulthard for conformation. All entrants will be contacted to check if they still wish to compete. All ponies at this event must be vaccinated on a 12 month basis.

Anne Alderson

Chair of Council

July 2019

DPS Ridden Pony of the Year 2019 Announcement

Rare Breeds of the Year Show 2019 and the Dales Ridden Pony of the Year 2019. Rather than waiting until the following year for the final of the Dales Ridden Pony of the Year, it has been decided to hold it in the same year as those shows that have the qualifiers and at a more central location.  The Rare Breeds of the Year Show has kindly added the final to its schedule in 2019.  This show is held on Saturday 5 October 2019 at Arena UK, near Grantham.  For more details, please see the Events page.