Licencing of Stallions out of Section B Grading Up Mares

In January 2021, in order to retain genetically important bloodlines in danger of being lost to the breed, the Council voted to allow correctly marked colts out of Section B grading up mares to be provisionally licenced as stallions provided they meet all other conditions required of licenced stallions. This does not apply to colts out of Section B mares downgraded due to incorrect markings, even if they are correctly marked themselves.

The provisional licence allows the stallion to sire a maximum of 10 registered foals after which the licence will be reviewed. If the stallion has sired 70% or above Section A foals, then a full licence will be issued with no further restrictions.

If the stallion has sired less than 70% Section A foals, then the licence will expire and the stallion will no longer be a licenced stallion.


The application for a stallion licence is submitted, meeting all licencing requirements in place at the time.

The Council reviews the application and accepts, rejects (with a reason) or requires further information.

Following acceptance by Council, a provisional licence is issued using the next available licence number annotated P e.g. 234P. The passport and database are updated.

The Registrations Secretary monitors the number of registered foals sired by the stallion, and whether they are section A or B. When the limit of 10 foals is reached, the Secretary calculates the percentage of Section A foals and notifies the owner that the limit has been reached, what the Section A percentage is and whether the licence is confirmed or revoked. The passport and database are updated accordingly.

Any variations to this procedure must be approved by Council.