Equine ID and Movements

EU Animal Health Regulations

The EU is making changes to its laws through the EU Animal Health Regulations (AHR). The AHR mean that the Export Health Certificates (EHCs) used to export equines to the EU, and move them to Northern Ireland, will be changing from 21 August 2021. Among the changes previously communicated, these new certificates require the premises/establishment from which an equine is exported from to have a registration number issued by the Competent Authority.

To meet this requirement, equine establishments in England and Scotland are now able to seek a County Parish Holding (CPH) number from APHA by completing the IRA86 application form, and sending it to Equine.Registration@apha.gov.uk. Please include the date of first export from your premises following 21 August in the subject line of your email. Defra will be putting the form on Gov.UK in the very near future.

Equine keepers in Wales should register for a CPH through Manage My CPH on RPW Online (www.gov.wales/rural-payments-wales-rpw-online).

If a premises/establishment is already registered, and you know the CPH number, there is no need to reregister.

Defra encourage those exporting soon after 21 August to obtain a CPH number as soon as possible. If you are not exporting equines from your premises until later in the year, please consider delaying your application until one month before exportation to allow current resources to be used on generating CPH numbers for those who need them immediately.

Registration is voluntary, but unless the establishment has a registered CPH with APHA, or RPW for Welsh keepers, it will not be possible for an Official Veterinarian (OV) to certify a horse or other equine for export from GB to the EU or NI.

More information about Animal Health Regulation for exporters can be found in this AHR_briefing_1_July.

You can contact EquineExportsCarlisle@apha.gov.uk if you have any additional questions on exporting requirements.